JINPAT is a professional slip ring manufacturer and rotation engineering leader
in providing high performance electrical slip rings and rotary joints For Your Exact Application Requirements.

Integrated slip ring

JINPAT hybrid slip ring is a high precision integrated slip ring that can transmit power and high frequency signal JINPAT hybrid slip ring adopt special structure design and processing technique which contribute to its great anti-interference and stability during operation JINPAT hybrid slip ring is an independently developed slip ring and represent the top technology in the industry

Simultaneous transmission of power, signals, industrial Ethernet signals, USB2.0 and high definition video signals, etc Unique integrated high frequency rotary joints that demonstrate great stability when transmitting signals Built-in connectors facilitate installation, reliable signals transmission, no interference and no package loss Light in weight and compact in size, easy to install.
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Standard Slip Rings

Fast, flexible solutions that easily integrate directly into your equipment.

Custom Slip Rings

Engineered to meet your exact application requirements.

Rotary Unions
Can Be Integrated with Electricity

The LPP rotary unions can perform rotation of 360 degrees
The medium includes inert gas such as compressed air, steam, vacuum, nitrogen, hydrogen, etc.


◎Continuable medium: compressed air, nitrogen, and other inert gases; ◎Small size, light weight, low torque


◎Integrated power, switching signal, Ethernet, USB, industrial bus, sensor and other signals;
◎The joint and pipe diameter can be customized according to customer requirements;


◎Customized rotary joint parameters and integrated slip ring can be customized according to customer requirements;

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JINPAT Overview

JINPAT slip rings (electrical joints)
reliably transfer data and power from stationary sources to rotating parts Our slip ring products are used across a wide range of industries including factory automation, heavy equipment, machine tool, packaging, medical, oil and gas, defense, and aerospace We offer standard electrical slip ring product lines that feature high-performance brush technology and are grouped by design type and circuit configurations. If our inventory of standard slip ring products isn’t a fit for your project, we can provide a custom-tailored slip ring solution designed to meet the exact circuits, ratings, and design parameters required for your application. Need to transfer fluid along with data and power? We can help select a reliable integrated fluid and electrical solution that can be customized to meet your exact requirements for fluid, power, signal, and/or data transfer.